The  slightly goofy acronym for the International Student Hostel where I currently live is “ISH”.  I didn’t believe the first person who told me about the name because I thought it was a… Continue reading


The University of Ghana at Legon is HUGE! I’m not sure if I think that because I come from a relatively compact, centralized campus, but I’d like to say that from what I’ve… Continue reading

Officially A University of Ghana Student

Yesterday, I left home and moved into the International Student Hostel at the University of Ghana at Legon! It was so strange how the process of getting to campus was in many ways… Continue reading


I think it’s fair to say that I have the three most adorable cousins that ever did live! They are simply the funniest kids around and I can’t get enough of them. Before… Continue reading

Family Store

My Aunts Mabena (Mah-beh-nah) and Ama (Ah-mah) own a small store here in Nungua, which surprised me a lot.  I don’t think I have any other relatives who own and operate a small… Continue reading

Friday Wears and Spectacles in Nungua, Accra

I’ve been living at Grandpa’s house for almost three days now, and already I feel very comfortable here.   Yesterday, Grandpa took me on a brief tour of the neighborhood, which is called… Continue reading

Driving Through Accra to Grandpa’s House

It was late when we pulled away from the airport, and several stretches of the road appeared deserted.  The driver was driving extremely fast, and I strained to hear Grandpa’s conversation over the… Continue reading

Akwaaba Means Welcome!

I met my grandfather for the first time in over fifteen years at the Accra National Airport yesterday.  He was a very short, slight man and I don’t believe I would have ever… Continue reading

Why I’m Leaving For Ghana

I was born Adelaide Nana Agyemang in Kumasi, Ghana and I lived there for the first four years of my childhood surrounded by a large biological and extended family.  I have almost no… Continue reading