I think it’s fair to say that I have the three most adorable cousins that ever did live! They are simply the funniest kids around and I can’t get enough of them.

Natasha and I, taken by Jessica. Although I’m not sure what game we were playing aha…

Before I left for Ghana, my dad and I stopped by a dollar store to get cheap gifts, pens, games, and candy as small gifts for children.  We were in the toy isle, and I remember my dad saying, “You know, I think one of your uncles has small children.  Maybe you could bring some gifts for them?” I asked him how many and how old they were, but he said he couldn’t quite remember although he knew for certain that they were all girls.  I picked up five toys to be safe, but at the register, we ended up ringing quite a bit so I put back two.  I think of this now because today I gave all three of my young cousins those very inexpensive toys today (a barbie, a teddy bear, and one of those long armed long legged monkeys) and they were so thrilled. And I couldn’t help but feel guilty at how little thought I had put into getting them–it was honestly just last minute shopping that we did almost on a whim–and how odd and lucky it was that I had just the right number.

Jessica is the oldest at age six.  After her is four-year old Natasha and one-year old Stephanie.  THEY ARE SO CUTE! Jessica is brilliant and loves math and learning; she asked me if I had a blue pen she could use for school.  We spend a lot of time reading and drawing together.  Jessica also loves taking photos and she figured out the mechanics of my point and shoot within half an hour.

I asked Natasha and Jessica to pose for a picture, and Nata tried to kiss Jessica who was not interested!

Stephanie is the youngest and everyone loves her.  Whenever I’m around, she just stares and stares and stares at me because she thinks the way the light catches my glasses is fascinating.

Stephanie’s impenetrable gaze…

Once I take off my glasses, she couldn’t be less interested in me! Natasha is a darling little girl with endless amounts of energy and laughter.  Her favorite games include hiding behind places to scare me, helicopter, and spinning around the living room.

Natasha dressed up for church, wearing my silly sunglasses and floppy hat. I’d just like to state for the record that the hat was all my mom’s idea.

Later today, I’ll be leaving  Nungua for school.  I’m actually quite taken aback by how little I now look forward to that, only because it means saying goodbye to my amazingly fun cousins and my family here.

I love this photo. I found it on my camera after Jessica’s first solo shoot.