Officially A University of Ghana Student

Yesterday, I left home and moved into the International Student Hostel at the University of Ghana at Legon! It was so strange how the process of getting to campus was in many ways an experience parallel to my leaving home to start college in Pittsburgh.

View of campus from my balcony

We did all of the preparing for college-y things: buying bedsheets, getting some snacks and easy to prepare foods, bringing small appliances, getting tupperware.  And then came the stashing everything in the car and before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye.  I hugged Aunt Mabena and Mapokua and all of my countless uncles.  Ama had left for the village yesterday, so we said our goodbyes then.  But when it came time to say goodbye to Natasha and Jessica and Stephanie, they were nowhere to be found! It turns out that Stephanie was napping and Natasha was crying because I had to leave (which made me cry as well) so Jessica was in the house with her.  In the taxi, I waved good bye to Aunt Mabena who was sitting outside the store, and we left for campus.

I meet several of the other students in the program later that day at a trip to the mall and in the hostel we all live in.  And in the strangest of coincidences, my roommate, Allison, is a Pittsburgh native! We chatted about some of our favorite parts of the city and things we liked to do there.  Even weirder, our neighbors on either sides of us picked roommates that was from their current city as well: the only Norwegians are together and so are the only two girls from Las Vegas. Tomorrow, will I will try to write more about living at the International Student Hostel, and campus in general.  I think I will defiantly write more things about the city, so you can gain a better understanding of what its like to live here, albeit from my limited perspective.