The University of Ghana at Legon is HUGE! I’m not sure if I think that because I come from a relatively compact, centralized campus, but I’d like to say that from what I’ve seen of other colleges, it is objectively gigantic.  We went on a tour of campus on Monday, and here are some of the better images:

The Balme Library

Do you see the taxi peeking past the bush? They drive around campus, honking at people to get in. No sir, I shall walk. Come to think of it, I’ve never met a female cab driver here…

It’s almost like a small, self-sufficient town..although I guess it’s fair to say that almost any college campus functions like that. It’s just that the university owns two or three clinics, a fire station, several hostels, a small grocery store and market, and many professors even own homes on campus.  Walking from lecture hall to lecture hall is serious business as well, to the point where students will car pool or take taxis to move around.

I love the clothes line in front of this hostel

My walk from the International Student Hostel to the International House, where all of my classes are held, is easily a 30 minute walk at an average pace.  Of course, I am a chronically slow walker, so I have to leave my hostel 45 minutes early to get to class only exactly on time.  I was secretly hoping that my classes would start at GMT, Ghana Maybe Time, but so far, (unfortunately) all of my professors have been impeccably punctual.

Balcony view of International House. This inside of this building is easily one of favorites on campus. The symbols on the wrought iron are all Akan symbols.

Another interesting thing about this campus that I haven’t quite seen at any of the universities I’ve visited in the United States is the wildlife! All manner of animals just mosey about here! I saw four horses grazing near the entrance of my hostel this morning, a flock of at least 50 pelicans lounging about on a wide plot of grass, and you can pretty much count on see chickens just clucking about everywhere. Occasionally, a stray goat or two will appear around campus.  But my absolute favorite is the monkey.


Monkeying Around. (How’s that for a caption?) This is the University of Ghana’s unofficial mascot.

This monkey is apparently someone’s pet.  He seems kind of dour, though, and perpetually walks around in circles around his tree and hisses at anyone foolish enough to come too close.   I guess there isn’t much else for him to do, but I really love seeing him every afternoon after class. In my imagination, he is Legon’s mascot. One day, I’ll see if I can build up enough nerve to talk to the owner!