The  slightly goofy acronym for the International Student Hostel where I currently live is “ISH”.  I didn’t believe the first person who told me about the name because I thought it was a joke, but it’s a real thing. It’s been an interesting couple of days.  The kids in my program are all on the same floor since there are only 25 of us, and we share a communal bath, kitchen, etc.

Courtyard view of ISH. We are of course on the fourth floor hah.

The bathroom situation (called a washroom here) is one that has been taking the most adjusting to. There are no toilet paper rolls in any of the stalls and no hot water.  Cold showers are easily my least favorite thing about living here.  Actually, the Sunday we arrived, there was no water period.

My admittedly more messy side of the room. I brought my favorite radio, and it fried just yesterday 😦

Our wonderful balcony

There are several Ghanian students who live here too.  They are mostly guys, and can be heard whooping and shouting and screaming in the TV room at virtually every time of the day over football.  The Euro Cup is currently being played, and during the England vs Switzerland match, most of the guys there were die hard England fans.  “Why do you guys support England of all teams so much,” a disgruntled Switzerland fan asked (they were loosing by 2 -nil).  “Because they are my colonial masters,” someone respond, which I thought was pretty funny.  I asked one of the regulars in the TV room why they are always screaming since football can’t possibly be on every single minute, and he responded that they play football tournament video games when a match isn’t happening.  It’s going to be a very loud summer.